Warm Air in winter: Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Series


Convection heat transfer quietly heats the room without the noise of a fan. Electric heating elements warm permanently sealed oil that never needs to be replaced or refilled.

Lowering the thermostat in your home even 1 degree can save you up to 5% on your heating Bills. By keeping just your bedroom or living room warm with a Pelonis™ heater, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars during the winter season.

All our models meet or exceed industry standards to give you confidence and peace of mind when buying Pelonis™. Safety is and has been our number 1 priority, for over 25 years

Cool Breeze in summer: Pelonis Fan Series

DC Motor Advantage

• 50% less energy and 50% less noise than a traditional AC floor fan

• Running the PELONIS Segmented Switched Reluctance Motor helps circulate air more efficiently in your home, relieving the burden on your air conditioner during the hot months of the year

• Durable, affordable, and takes up very little floor space in your living or work area