We are committed to offering you complete satisfaction with every purchase made through the Pelonis. If you need customer service assistance regarding your order, please email us at Not Available Now or call 1-866-646-4332 or 1-305-883-0112and leave a voice mail.  Monday through Friday from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm Central Standard Time.

Customer Care Center Address:
Midea America Corp
Attn: Customer Service Department
11800 NW 100 Road STE 4,,
MEDLEY, FL 33178-1037, U.S.A.

Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied with any item after purchase or receive a damaged item during the limited warranty period, please send us your defective merchandise with postage prepaid along with proof of purchase and a letter detailing why the product is defective. Once the item has been received we will inspect it, and if it is found defective, we will repair, replace it with the same or like item at no additional cost to you. Please remember to include your name, address and phone number. We cannot be held responsible for lost shipments. In addition, failure to provide complete information will result in no response from customer service.

Although we make sure that every item is packed securely to reach you in excellent condition, circumstances beyond our control during shipping could cause an item to become damaged. If you receive a damaged item, please contact us for customer service by e-mail or telephone within 10 days of delivery date. We will then make arrangements for replacement of the damaged item. All damaged items must be returned to us in the same shipping box and with the same packaging as originally sent for replacement.

Order Parts

Pelonis created Do-It-Yourself (DIY) parts and service to help customers help themselves. We currently dial our customer service number offering  DIY parts  for our electrical heater and cooling fan. To order DIY parts, you can send a check to our business address above. Click HERE to find the price and availability of DIY parts.


If you have an issue with your Pelonis product, click HERE first to see if one of our technical articles can resolve your problem. Also the articles will be able to determine if a DIY part or service is needed.

Locate Dealer

Dealer For Fan
Target Wal-Mart USA Ace Hardware
FE10-C FS1-30 FB25-S2
FT18-4F FS40-G5 FS10-S3R
FT30-Y1 FS5-40A FS40-2A
FS10-S2 FTW18-D2 FS5-40
FS10-S4R FW23-A4R FS5-45
FB50-A3 National Wholesale FT30-Y1
Lowe's FB25-S2 FT40-Y1
FES50-F1 FS10-S1 FTW-15
FE50-F1 FS10-S4R FTW18-5
FS10-5BR FS40-3ER  
FW23-A4S FS40-P1  
FB18-5Q FS45-P1  
FB50-A1 FT18-4F  
FS45-S5A FT30-Y1  
FW18-A5 FT40-Y1  
FS40-P3A FW18-A5  
FT30-3D FW23-A1  


Dealer For Heater
World Marketing HO-158E HC-451
HB-211 HO-202C HO-0218
HB-211T HR-0311 HO-157C
HB-310 HR-212 HO-158E
HB-311 NTK15A HO-202C
HB-312 Fred Mayer Wal-Mart USA
HC-0106 HB-311 HC-0102
HC-0113 HC-0102 HC-350
HC-0119A HF-0005 HF-0014W
HC-0125D HO-158E HO-0222
HC-0128H HO-202C HO-0238R
HC-350 NTK15 National Wholesale
HC-445 Ace Hardware HB-311
HC-445B HC-350 HB-312
HF-0021 HC-451 HC-0106
HF-0023 HC-461 HO-158E
HF-0601 HF-0019 HO-202C
HO-0202C Home Depot NTK-15
HO-0203D HB-211